China’s much-publicised decision to supply 50 armed drones to Pakistan is a reminder for India to move faster to purchase and develop weapons that it has deemed to be a necessity. Cross-border tunnels on the India–Pakistan boundary for infiltration of terrorists and drones for dropping arms and ammunition on this side of the international border (IB) have become a challenge for the Indian security forces. The government has drafted a policy on drone use in the country and will constitute an authority for the purpose, SAMAA TV has learned. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are basically drones that have gained a lot of traction in the past few years thanks to YouTubers and movie makers. Pakistani security agencies have started building tunnels and using […] (Getty Images) Need More Info on Pakistan’s Drone Program? In order to improve the performance and boost the capabilities, Pakistan mulls over the Drone Regulatory Authority (DRA) for peaceful and effective use of … Tunnel after tunnel are being detected at the IB by the BSF. The drone was spotted at a height of about 800-900 metres at the place from where the four Pakistani terrorists were believed to have crossed the LoC and entered the Indian territory. New Delhi, Dec 24: A drone was detected by the troops of the Border Security Force in the Chandu Wadala area of Gurdaspur in Punjab. Pakistan’s private company developed advanced drone is capable of carrying military weapons and equipment. The NESCOM Burraq (Urdu: بُراق ‎) is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) developed and built by the National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM), a civil scientific research and development organization of Pakistan, along with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).. Eleven of these countries bought the drones from China, the paper states. The army tried to shoot the Pakistani drone but due to its relatively greater height, the drone managed to escape. The first drone light show for the Engro Fertilizers event in Daharki, Sindh, was performed by SuperStellar Technologies in Pakistan. When the drone was fired upon it returned to the Pakistan … As reported by Chinese state media, Beijing has decided to supply 50 Wing Loong II armed drones to Pakistan, which would pose a unique challenge for adversarial forces across the Line of Control. A group of drones with LEDs attached to them performed coordinated movements thanks to the company’s own Drone Swarm Technology to produce beautiful patterns against the night sky were presented at the light show. A new research paper on Chinese drone exports — written by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Texas A&M University, with excerpts published by Foreign Affairs — reveals that 18 countries obtained armed drones from 2011 to 2019. [1] Joseph Trevithick and Thomas Newdick. "It can fly with a payload of 100-150 Kgs. See Below for the Latest News and Insights: Drone Development: How Pakistan Can Learn From Turkey; Pakistan’s UAV Development, Deployment, and Future; Pakistan Signs MoU With Havelsan to Develop Sub-Systems for UAVs.

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