Optimal Situation, Depth Charge arrived on the planet in search of Rampage, encountering Cheetor. The Group of the Strongest Commanders! Optimus Primal is one of the most prominent and well-recognized Maximals in Transformers history. A Better Mousetrap, Out on a specimen-gathering mission with Dinobot, Optimus took the opportunity to give the ex-Predacon a lesson in not underestimating flora. They eventually stole a mole drone at great risk, and Optimus was able to guide it downwards, unleashing a torrent of green goo which cured everyone. In desperation, the Maximal leader finally opened the Plasma Energy Chamber. At the end of the battle, Primal joined Optimus Prime's Autobots. TM-SP Character Data File, In order to counter the threat of Majin Zarak, the injured Magnaboss activated an alien teleport gate and transported Optimus Primal from Energoa to Gaia. Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Optimus Prime. After Tigerhawk had joined the Beast Wars, Optimus Primal read out datatrax 7.613 of the holy text, convinced that it had foretold the warrior's arrival. Hoping to force Megatron's hand, Tankor surreptitiously provided Rattrap with a catalyst to increase the plant growth, and Optimus and the other Maximals subsequently had to rescue Rattrap from the marauding vines. After Chak and Una were separated from their tribe, Optimus assigned Cheetor and Blackarachnia, by now part of the Maximal ranks, to return them. Primal then embarked on an even more proactive venture, leading teams to other universes in anticipation of Unicron's strikes and setting up defensive measures before the Chaos-Bringer could gather more victims. Optimus readied himself to join the tussle, only to be slammed away by Scourge's tail. Communicating to him via cyberspace, Primal encouraged his companion to muster up the burning justice needed to dig himself out and face Majin Zarak down a second time. Defend the Solitarium! Primal and his Maximals ultimately triumphed over Megatron, but Cryotek then took up his ally's ambition, seeking not just the domination of all sparks, but their outright destruction. Megatron remotely seized control of the vessel, overriding Primal's ejection commands. Optimus Primal is the leader of the Maximals and the captain of the spaceship Axalon. As Majin Zarak closed in on them, Optimus Primal and Lio Convoy held hands, synchronized their Energon Matrices and transformed themselves into Flash Lio Convoy and Burning Convoy. Primal took the form of a silverback gorilla, remarking that his new form was "interesting" upon exit from the CR chamber. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16, Optimus Primal was a veteran of the last Great War, one waged between the Maximals and the Predacons. In her unconscious state, Primal spoke directly to her spark, telling her to forget about him and to instead protect the project and its scientists, so vital were they were to the future. But Depth Charge refused to take part in more violence, so Alpha Trion took a cue from Unicron and transported Omega Prime into their universe to fight in his place. The Maximals were unable to do so before the Nemesis arrived and turned a tractor beam on the Ark, so Primal himself flew up to the ship, pulling off his own wing and jamming it in the gears of the ship's pulverizer so that he could get aboard. Nemesis Part 2, Seemingly minutes after the shuttle departed for transwarp space, Optimus Primal suddenly found himself back in his original, organic gorilla body and thrust into a dangerous situation on an eerily deserted Cybertron, unfamiliar with how he arrived there and pursued by an army of Tank Drones. The time storm fades, but Prime is still in danger so Optimus Primal takes Prime's spark into … Following the battle, Primal showed a new talent granted by the Oracle, reformatting Nightscream into a new, technorganic body. After ripping through the rest of the Predacons, he confronted Megatron, who attempted to bargain but ended up instead with the Cyberbee stuck to his back. Prime 1 Studio is proud to present PMTFBW-01: Optimus Primal from Beast Wars: Transformers. Despite the best efforts of the Maximals, the ship plunged to the ground. Optimus later lectured him on obeying orders, but Cheetor didn't seem too concerned. End of the Line. He did prove to have a lovely singing voice when Rattrap contacted him, though. The Predacon commander taunted Primal as he futilely beat his fists against the pod, until the detonation obliterated the pod, the Planet Buster, and Primal, reducing them all to so much space junk. Only two copies of the Covenant of Primus were known to exist. To reduce the risk of a time paradox, however, the Alternity had made it so that Primal's form while in the past was incorporeal, able to assume a physical aspect only to direct engage Cryotek. He and Tigerhawk headed for the ship's location by air, encountering a massive explosion caused by Depth Charge terminating Rampage. Worse yet, Megatron took advantage of the situation and escaped his bonds from atop of the shuttle, and melted a hole into its bulkhead to attack the Maximals within. He then assured them that they were all such good soldiers, they didn't need his help to win their war, ensuring them they were more than capable of winning their war on their own. Optimus Primal, recognizing his friend, attempted to stop the battle between her and Grimlock. Primal and Grimlock met the Alternity envoys who arrived on the planet, and informed them that they had located the doorway: it was the circuit diagram for the Critias Gate, a super-dimensional reactor the Autobots had been experimenting with at the same time as the Timaeus Project. Optimus Primal Chapter Though Primal blocked his "Tyranno Fang" attack, Megatron was able to counter by shooting a "Laser Buster" from the mouth of his T. rex head-hand. Young and untested, Optimus Primal was a mere captain of an exploration ship when he and his crew were diverted off-course to pursue a stolen Predacon ship under the leadership of Megatron. Daily Prime - Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal by BaCon on September 29, 2020 It is hard to believe that next year will be the 25th Anniversary of the Beast Wars. Unfinished Business, Part 3, The Autobots regrouped and went after Shockwave's agents, tracking Nemesis Prime and the Decepticons to Australia. Bonus Edition Rattrap. Possession, Rattrap and Dinobot's habitual bickering finally came to a head when it resulted in Rhinox being hit with a new Predacon weapon, an energon discharge virus. A few of these unfortunates were later entrusted to the crew of the Axalon. Fight! Inside, Optimus and Megatron argued at length on the topic of free will versus the harmony of one mind. The Alternity dispatched Optimus Primal and Elita Five to observe the trial of the ancient alien genius Primacron in Primax 785.06 Alpha. Though the other Maximals wanted to rescue their friend, Optimus had them hold back, knowing that Rhinox would wreak havoc in the Predacon ranks. Soundblaster then restored both Optimus and Megatron's memories, and warped the two competitors down onto an organic planet. BEAST WARS "Optimus Primal meets G1 Optimus Prime" - YouTube No additional import charges at delivery! Realizing Megatron's intentions, Optimus followed him into a cavern that contained Unicron's Dark Essence. Beast Wars Sourcebook, As Magmatron surveyed various events of the Beast Wars, he witnessed several key moments involving Optimus Primal. When the young Maximal left base in secret to try to put things right, the other Maximals covered for him when Primal asked where he was. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. The Maximals snapped out of it when Cheetor destroyed the tree. Optimus immediately traveled to the site, concerned that the destruction of the original Megatron's spark would endanger history. Alpha Trizer's profile In 2984 as Alpha Trizer was engaged in combat against the Star Seekers, the face of his mentor Optimus Primal flashed through his mind. Primus gave him a selection of fallen warriors to choose from, and he picked Rhinox and Depth Charge. Gigant Bomb and Smokesniper, sent by Megatron, attacked, but the two Decepticons soon discovered that they were outnumbered. This season mostly focused on Optimus Prime's crew and Megatron's Nemesis squad going at it, with Deseeus taking over Doubledealer's group of mercenaries towards the end. The first version of something isn't necessarily the best, but … Though Cheetor and Blackarachnia were successful right off the bat, Rattrap was unable to transform at all. The Lio Convoy Typhoon Enters. 3-4 Years, 4-7, 8-11 Years, 12-16 Years, 17 Years & Up, Transformers Combine Wars Optimus Prime Transformers & Robot Action Figures, Transformers Optimus Prime Transformers & Robot Action Figures, Combine Wars Optimus Prime Transformers & Robot Action Figures, Optimus Prime Transformers Action Figures Action Figures, Beast Transformers Action Figures Beast Wars, Autobots Optimus Prime Transformers & Robot Action Figures, Takara Optimus Prime Transformers & Robot Action Figures. On their return to base, Optimus was challenged to a duel by the estranged Predacon Dinobot for leadership of the Maximals. Optimus Primal is the main protagonist of the Beast Wars series and the leader of the Maximals. TransArt Transformers Beast Wars BWS-01 OP Optimus Prime Gorilla Action Figure. With the captured Predacon leader strapped to the roof of the Autobot shuttle, the Maximals at last headed home. Other Voices, Part 2, Rhinox used a device to guide his core consciousness through the Matrix, retrieving Optimus Primal's spark and implanting it into a blank protoform. The Axalon subsequently resumed its pursuit of the Darksyde. Overcome by bestial instincts, the Maximals wandered off into the jungle, and it was only through Tigatron's intervention that they were able to delete the blocks separating their robot and beast psyches. As the surviving Maximals looked out over their new home, Primal and the Oracle spoke to Cheetor, and Primal departed with the words "Transform, and Transcend", as his Spark joined the Matrix. With a little help from Vector Prime, the gate was set up and the Planicrons passed through it, evolving into higher-dimensional beings and taking the Alternity's place as the defenders of time and space. Shell Game #1, Following the explosion of the Planet Buster, Optimus Primal found himself in Maccadam's Old Oil House, where he encountered Optimus Prime, an Optimus Prime from a different universe, and a future version of himself. Spider's Game Another gambit saw the Predacons stealing the rectifier coil from the Maximal base, effectively trapping the Maximals in their beast modes. Referring to him by his true name of Logos Prime, Vector Prime questioned the Ancient's motives, only for Soundblaster to repeat his intention of passing his powers to Megatron. Discovering organic matter inside, the team was attacked by a strange plant-creature which headed for the orchard. Mike Fahey. FREE Shipping. Something did go wrong with the upgrade, as the Decepticons had managed to replace some of the process's data. Apelinq's personal logs, In one splinter timeline which diverged from Primax 496.22 Alpha shortly after Optimus Primal's death, Primal was not resurrected, and his remaining Maximals except for Tigatron and Airazor were killed by the Predacons. Motorarm Chapter, Later, through the power of energon, both Optimus Primal and Megatron attained the giant "Energon Power Mode". The Dark Emperor of Destruction, Reborn Rebirth Megatron joined with Beast Megatron and the two led a force to make one final attack on the Autobots for more solitarium. Taken to the Citadel, the Maximals were able to break free. Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Optimal Prime Primal Spares Repairs. The Low Road Snowstalker's death as the result of a battle motivated Tigatron to abandon the Maximal cause. Curious as to what was up, Optimus had Tigatron invade the Predacon base and find out what Megatron knew, and they discovered that the aliens behind the strange anomalies were on their way. Megatron immediately raced to obtain the Disk and Primal followed him. Optimus Primal chased Megatron into a time warp to Earth in 2004. Returning to Cybertron, Primal was glad for his victory, but he wondered if his own resurrection could bring about Megatron's return as well. Condition: New. The two nemeses rushed to the obelisk where the successor would have to lay the Golden Disk to become the inheritor of the Ancient's powers. Reformatted by the Oracle, Primal emerged in a new, technorganic beast mode and urged the other dying Maximals to complete their "reformatting" as well. After using vines to tie up Starscream, Optimus Primal used his Blast Jet Pu~nch on him, thwarting his dastardly plot. Post 5 - Here it is, the last two pages of the McDonald's Transformers Beast Wars Happy Meal concept binder. He applied the upgrade to himself, and took off to rescue Optimus Prime from his volatile state. The Agenda (Part 2), The Predacons began an assault on the Maximal base, with Primal and Cheetor pinned down outside. Unfortunately, they were soon attacked by Scorponok, who managed to attach a Cyberbee to Optimus before being driven off. At some point, the Arcee of another universe retold the story of Primal's final battle with Megatron. Optimus Primal's profile in Club magazine #9, Continued raids saved many more captives and brought the Minions to near-defeat. Rattrap refused, resulting in Optimus having to rescue Cheetor himself—as he later said, he wouldn't give someone an order he wouldn't be able to carry out himself. Dinobot repaid the favor during a later battle atop a mountain, by deflecting a missile fired at Primal by Megatron. Their banter revealed to Primal that Megatron was in this time period, and the Maximal scared the Decepticons away. They were to launch more raids within Unicron while an orbital defense platform was being constructed above Cybertron. Deep Metal Primal came up with a new plan to salvage Sentinel from the wreck of the Axalon by sending Rattrap down in a subaquatic stealth vessel. They made short work of the zombies, leaving Megatron to obtain the Golden Disk and Primal with a feeling that he shouldn't entirely trust Megatron. Dinobot and Optimus were subsequently defeated by the team of Terrorsaur, Waspinator and Inferno, leading Tigatron to lend a hand and rejoin the Maximal team. Anguished, Optimus blamed himself for Cheetor's death. Finally, Optimus was confronted by Megatron in a new form—a replica of Primal's own "Optimal Optimus" body—while the other Maximals had their sparks ripped from their bodies. Following it there, Optimus reformatted the creature into a techno-organic plant.