Sweet to the point of being painful. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau De Toilette For Men, 125ml. If I have just one word to describe how it smells , Its gonna be '' mindblowing''. This is not what I thought it was. This is pretty different from the original in the top notes, but dry down will definitely remind you of Le Male. please rotate your device. Easily a very sexy, sensual-type of frag, just super yummy! Now, while I do like it (smells like a sexy vanilla root beer float), I decided on a whim to combine it with YSL L'homme and O.O! Going out in the city with your friends getting drunk and having a fun night. I mean, we are late 40s, Ultra Male is pretty versatile in its ability to be appreciated. The original Le Male was just right, gourmand, but masculine. Fruity and sweet and the pear is a really nice touch. 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,723. This is probably one of the best flankers ( continuations of a known fragrance ) that you will ever come across. After wearing it a whole lot (and some clones for comparison), I grew to love it. With a beautiful pear note first sounding a clarion call and notes of vanilla and a lovely resinous amber coming to answer soon after the initial application, the near palpable sweetness has an unmistakable warmth that manages to retain an air of masculinity and cuts through a fragrance that would have otherwise been wholly feminine. Not similar to 1 million, eros or other clubbing fragrances. Its sweet, powdery, bubblegum kind of scent. Not sure why people are saying this is more for females? I'll keep wearing this until I appreciate it. The ultra bad boy scent. Smells beautiful, but masculine bordering on unisex. Doesn't seem to get nearly as many compliments either. Definitely a fantasy fragrance, not something you spray before a rugby match. Not worth $100. I just got a 40ml bottle, 2019 batch. I tried it for the first time today and it is super hyped, so I was excited, but it is just not for me. It’s too good smelling for that and attention grabbing. The fragrance feels modern, playful, casual, and very pleasant. 3 months ago I've bought 2 different bottles of Ultra Male. Years ago I was wearing this fragrance when a closer person said "You are smelling like a girl". please rotate your device. Longevity, sillage and projection are all very good, you wont have any problems. I actually 100% despise the original Le Male. This is not too heavy. this stuff is pure seduction. It is personally the hype worth. I thought this was a ladies scent, and left a very negative review below, but this thing gets u complements, so enjoy it. Unfortunately I was disappointed, the scent itself is very very sweet and slightly fruity, who likes sweet scents is certainly not wrong here. Look at most Jean Paul Gaultier releases, most are reskins of Le Male with no real change in notes. The dry-down is characterized by strong sweet vanilla/amber, and clary sage which feels very leathery. Le créateur . Fragrances. Just out of this world. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette Intense Spray. Perfume lovers: 608353 The 'teenage-clubbing' is ridiculous - live with this one for a minute before you judge it. The scent is sweet-spicy. By far the best JPG frag after Le Male. One word, magnetic. But do other young kids like this scent? Cheap pear bombs! Are the 2 previous reviewers talking about the same fragrance? Both are 10/10 smell wise. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Even with one spray, you'll get noticed when wearing this. But can be annoying at times. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. £35.19 £ 35. Starts very yummy and vanilla like with strong mint and pear for extra sweetness. 1 spray of sample is stronger than 3 sprays of a new bottle. Even if you're not fond of the scent as a guy yourself, it still will get ladies' attention. I'll edit this review. Une montée en puissance. Highly recommend getting it before its discontinued or the formulation gets altered. Not for serious occasions. Way too sweet... and it's not even that sweetness that a high quality scent usually has, like Dior Homme Intense for example. It smell also much more dens and intens just as I remember from 2005 (the first time I smelled le Male). Very sweet and bubblegummy. It is a compliment monster and does it well. I think it is patchouli that gives this one that earthy-choco vibe. I have received the most compliments from females while wearing this frag. But it settles into a soft, powdery, finish soon after. This smells so interesting. I bought the fragrance blindly because of the many positive comments. Is it playful and relatively juvenile? The pear note is so unique and works perfectly for night time vibes, and last super long. Buy it just if you already smelled, it's not a safe blind buy. Please, do not use it daily, mainly on hot days or you will annoy people around. In this transition, the fruity notes yield their initial prominent presence to the clary sage that takes the form of a leathery accord. Its extraordinary sweetness makes it stand out from the crowd. Especially on a gloomy and wet day like today. mature without being old or dated. I remember the smell of a 2015 bottle, that's why I bought this one. This is nothing like thallium anonymous. I only use this fragrance for layering with dior sauvage.. i like the smell but its very sweet and my wife does not like sweet fragrances.. i used to like sauvage but after using prada carbon i find sauvage a bit too harsh and almost cloying with its pepper and ambroxan bomb.. combo of sauvage and ultra male is perfect.. the pear gives sweet nuances to the harsh pepper.. put 1 spray of ultra male as base and 1 spray of sauvage on top.. try it.. who goes clubbing? After the first 30-45 minutes passes it reminds me of very classic simples fragrance like Pour Un Homme de Caron Caron. Haven't tested it on my skin yet so will test longevity properly tomorrow. You can check my profile and closet here on Fragrantica. Super safe blind buy and deserves a spot in every collection. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau De Toilette For Men, 125ml. It actually does have some subtle freshness to it but definetly not enough to warrant use in a hot summer day/night. I wouldn't pay $50 for this either. Amazing sweet pear fragrance,irreplaceable <3. Eau de parfum. Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men 4.2 oz Eau de Toilette Intense Spray. Perfume rating 4.22 out of 5 with 571 votes Le Male Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier is a Oriental fragrance for men. One or two sprays and a reapplication every now and then if you feel like it makes this so easy to wear. Vous êtes chez Jean Paul Gaultier. I don't have a sweet tooth in perfumes but this one has a mesmerizing effect on me. Mouthwatering fragrance, playful but also seductive, I find myself comfortable in every situation. L'homme and Ultra Male combined made my nose go BONKERS in a good way, LOL! Have been giving this a few full wearings for the first time from a sample at age 24. Far too sweet. Les masculins Les Males. Do not let the name fool you! Only 2 left in stock. I would probably adore this if they toned the sweetness down, can definitely see why some enjoy this one. The fragrance is a reinterpretation or enhanced version of the popular original Le Male from 1995. Sweet pear scent that women (most) love, which as a bonus is very pleasing to smell on myself as well. Such a unique scent that I plan on wearing on nice sunny spring days. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,240. I don't know, this one is one of the only fragrances I ever smelled and thought, SWEET. It makes a good piece in the collection and is an easy grap for the winter time. This works best in cooler climates, but a light application even during the summer months yields something amazing. WOW I mean women get crazy with this. While I'm sure it accomplishes this, to me...it smells like it leans feminine and not in a good way. With this one you won't go unnoticed! The original is vanilla-heavy, and Ultra Male is pear-heavy. On a young man it may be ok, but it´s not for me. Si vous pouvez vous procurer la première version de l"ultra male by BPI. I didn’t want to blind buy, so I asked to sample it. It's two big thumbs up from me. Lasts forever, sweet like bubblegum, clubbing fragrance, compliment getter!!! Saying this, I dont own a bottle and have only smelt it at the department store so perhaps on my body it could smell different but it didnt convince me to buy it. Vanilla and Pear overload. I tried this only once and I have to say this lasted FOREVER on my sweatshirt! I do enjoy the pear accord , far too sweet for my personal taste. IF that time comes. I only have a sample and I’m not sure if I would buy a bottle or not. Perfumes: 63439 Firstly, this is by no means what a fragrance named 'ultra male' should smell like. Le Male X-Mas Edition 2020 was launched in 2020. Fermer. I need to get me a full bottle sometime! It is really sweet, and when smelled up close it can be a little harsh to the nose. Sweet fruit galore with this one and it doesnt stop there, it continues to dry down to a vanilla and woodsy scent while sticking to the top notes, similar to the regular Le Male. Mfk does it again, Amazing beautiful fragrance, its so good and lasts very long 10/10. Ultra Male is a very sweet fragrance with a bubblegum Vibe. All I ever get anything that is any resemblance of a fruit is the rotten sour pear in the openning which quickly disappears into the drydown. Jean Paul Gaultier . More Buying Choices $77.99 (8 new offers) Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male for Men Intense Spray, Eau de Toilette, 2.5 Ounce. Le Male - Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, une fragrance magnétique qui séduit par sa composition unique faite de contrastes, à la fois traditionnel et audacieux, puissant et sensuel, frais et doux. I’m 46 and love this. Livraison gratuite dès 60€ d'achat. Something bout this is just special. One of the finest oriental releases in some time and especially in regards to oriental fougeres, a stellar juice to have in your arsenal for November to March in the Northern hemisphere. 4.7 out of 5 stars 716. Honestly, I can't fell any differences between the BPI and PUIG 2016 version that i actually have. Often known as the clubbing fragrance, this smells is very interesting and likeable. Perhaps not the best fragrance for an over 40. I am an admirer of sweet scents but this is one of the scents that comes off as a bit too sweet sometimes. Afnan is one-third the price. I have a very sensitive nose and i was expecting a candy bomb. Mass appealing with beast performance. If you don't have a sweet tooth already I promise you that you will after smelling this one. Most women love it, trust me. 70 €99 . Couture. Online right now: 1947, Fragrantica in your language: imagine the classic Gaultier with an additional very strong note of "pear cotton candy". A true gem. It’s much better than that. I sold my blind bought bottle. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men - 2.5 Ounce EDT Spray at Amazon.com. Initially I didn’t like it maybe because of the unisex pear vibe, but after several tests it grew on me. Sweat note in the drydown? Hell yes! This one is from B.P.I.. And I know the discussion about some people say it smells different, and others say it is not. I like the idea behind this scent but It's too synthetic to my nose though. For someone still relatively young like myself, (say, under 25) this is a goldmine. Bought it after all this Jeremy hype. Strong during the opening and maintains a decent level of strength during the drydown. For winters, i prefer woody scents over sweet ones. Dry down pear superb, Purpl Lux Subscription Box For Men b... (. 00 ($23.81/Fl Oz) More Buying Choices $89.40 (6 new offers) Amazon's Choice for jean paul gaultier cologne. The transition from the opening in Ultra Male is particular, the opening is characterized by strong sweet fruity tones, these disappear almost entirely once the fragrance enters its dry-down. Its extraordinary sweetness makes it stand out from the crowd. It's just addictive like a good quality chocolate bar... One of my favorite fragrance. It’s sweet but somehow retains its masculinity. The base consists of black vanilla, amber and woods. I guess the opening I can see that, but that doesn’t last long. To save the suspense, I love this fragrance. The clever note concoction in this bottle makes it versatile enough to wear during any season...but not necessarily any occasion. I sold one bottle, and yesterday I bought a 2015 April bottle. Both did not smell like I could remember from the first time I smelled in in 2015. Thats what this scent does. The pear is a nice note that just gets ruined immediately by everything else including the cinnamon. Compliment beast. Sweet candy smell. I would say it´s unisex and it would actually suit a young woman the best. If you wear this you will just feel gorgeus. It takes spice to a whole other level. Ultra Male not being discontinued, stop spreading lies. Very sweet fragrance. Bought this after seeing several fragrance reviewers raving about this one. Afnan 9PM (not listed yet in Fragrantica), is a very nice copy of this one. Les masculins Les Males. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | The PUIG one is really good. best selling fragrance from jpg can't be discontinue. 90 (£43.92/100 ml) £72.00 £72.00. Livraison gratuit pour les commandes de plus de 99 $. Great club fragrance, bit cloying and a tat to sweet but else greet. This is a unique fragrance for a couple of reasons. The face of the advertising campaign is model Jarrod Scott. This and Armani Stronger With You Intensely are my go to's. Sexy, Beast, This one is a gem. It is not obnoxious and heavy like Eros and One Million can be. Love it but a bit on the feminine side. This may not fit the definition of a "Ultra Male" (whatever that is..lol), but it is a very sweet pleasing scent that women love, i mean go crazy over. The original is much much better. Now that I have gained a little more experience with various fragrances, this thing is starting to seem so sweet, immature, harsh and synthetic that I regret purchasing it. I do not own UM (yet) but I have smelled it numerous times at Macy's. Blind buy? This is also a great oriental to own for those more prone to allergies. Other options New from £33.10. I have just bought two bottles, one of the 2020 batch and one of the 2017 batch to properly compare them. I had compliments from it and i enjoyed it quite a bit. Achetez en ligne LE MALE ULTRA MALE Eau de Toilette Intense 40ml 40 en VAPO, au meilleur prix sur la boutique marionnaud ! He is very very metrosexual and wears makeup. The opening has a very good projection and it is very pleasant, fruity and very sweet. It is really very unique. Common guys looking to impress or following the pack. More of a scent for guys who wants to have fun. I adore it. Pear note is makes this fragrance very unique. 4.7 out of 5 stars 109. Always puts me in a good, fun mood too. Super sweet and so addictive that I often grab the bottle and smell it even if it is not my fragrance of the day. £54.90 £ 54. When I first tried this out however, I was on the fence about it. I expected to get an image of a sweaty gladiator or a spandex-wearing hero, but instead I got pie. Never unpleasant or cloying. I just bought this fragrance and really don’t get the whole bubble gum vibe, i get a really expensive car air freshener vibe (in the best way possible) lol and I’m excited to wear this more! Maybe the latest versions are bad like all of you are saying but mine is doing well. It can be easily worn in any occasion as long as it is sprayed carefully. Its fruitiness combined with its vanilla makes it very classy and almost metrosexual. Les créations mythiques. Only 1 left in stock. I love this one. That's my 10!!! Wasn’t born a sheep. Only problem, not my taste. This perfume is definitely unisex, which isn't surprising considering Francis Kurkdjian curated this beautiful scent. It is sweet throughout the life of the fragrance, I don't really get the bubblegum vibe, it smells more like a strawberry milk candy + vanilla. Fragrance Reviews: 1021396 Maybe it's my age, but I can't understand why a man would want to smell like a candied pear for hours on end. Les créations mythiques. Its a really smooth transition from the start to the finish. I have ~10ml left from the old version and if I compare it with new one from the mall...much different opening, old one is intense and new one kinda weak, fresher. A top tier fragrance by Gaultier that is easily one of my absolute favorites. Release in summer 2015 and so many dislikes already??? $100.00 $ 100. While it is certainly loud at the top, I find the overall feel to be one of comfort and contentment during Fall to Winter days outside, and nights inside. Not that this is a bad thing I'm a woman and wear any fragrance I think smells good whether its marketed to men or women. Those are Invictus and Tuscan Leather. 8.4 / 10 471 Ratings Le Mâle Le Parfum is a new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier for men and was released in 2020. Much more feminine than the original. A dark horse fragrance which pretends to be juvenile in the initial blast but it drys to a spicy sugary musk. the ultra MALE. Reformulations sucks. The fragrance feels relatively modern, casual, and pleasant. The performance is a beast, 2 days still on my shirt. Still, I did not purchase it until 2020. But it’s on my list. If you want an extroverted party fragrance as a man you need to look at Versace Eros, Moschino Toy Boy, Mugler fragrances, Armani fragrances, and Parfums de Marly fragrances. The cinnamon is strong in this one, just like it is in Le Male, only sweeter. If I were to compare it to more recent sweet club scents, Eros and 1 million smell positively REFINED next to this. :P. Honestly, I this doesn't live up to its name - Ultra male. Projection MONSTER. This has got a ton of reviews and is well loved in fragcom. It opens with citrus notes of bergamot, along with juicy pear, black lavender and mint. A few moments after the opening, the cinnamon is noticeable, it adds a needed spicy and aromatic touch to the fragrance that so far is outstandingly sweet. (: @vd86 Could you give more insights about this info? Sweeter than cotton candy. Could't see it as an everyday scent, way to heavy. On clothes lasts days. This is my honest review about this fragrance. 10/10, Simply the best ultra sweet fragrance I have ever tried. There's really no harshness notes in this fragrance top to bottom, it sort of blends together well. People like this for the club. Smells fruity and the cinnamon sort of reminds me of lipstick or a girls handbag smell. This is a great work on its own merit but it also fits well into the Le Male brand along with In the Navy, giving wearers both a clubbing fragrance and a toned down work fragrance within a couple of years of each other and both done with delicate concern for the art itself. outside of that, Im not really impressed by it and wouldn't use it. Faites vous plaisir en profitant de la livraison offerte dès 49€ d'achat ! Lasts 8+ hours on my skin and compliment beast! But it doesnt smell cheap at all. I should have just regretted not buying this. Instead, you get the smoothness of the lavender and vanilla of the original Le Male with a sweet, somewhat dark pear note and hints of cinnamon replacing the mint of the original. That opening is all pink bubblegum for me, the drydown is amazing. The result of the pear, followed by cinnamon and vanilla, makes for a very attractive fragrance. This would be well suited for a young clean shaven Playboy.It's almost too sweet and loud for any occasion other than partying and clubbing. Its sweetness may suggest a date/club usage but I guarantee it fits perfectly for the office. ↑ Cliquez ci-dessus pour voir notre Offre : Livraison 48h Gratuite dès 49 €, 3-4 échantillons Offerts, Programme de Fidélité Top The drydown did not impress me; the amber was very pronounced, cloying almost, and the nauseating sweetness from the opening was still present. 52 ($20.21/Ounce) $60.00 $60.00. I was very curious how the fragrance smelled and I was amazed how good it is! If you like sweet gourmand fragrances, definitely give this one a try. I love IT. The old le male was a true superstar. I think is could be used in almost any casual situation, by nearly any age. A dude on YouTube was recently talking about the difference between the more popular fragrances in fragcom vs what the average consumer buys and this apparently didn’t make the cut for whatever reason but I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from this awesome juice and it’s a shame it’s been discontinued. Choice for Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Toilette Intense, à découvrir sur Nocibe.fr ), playful but also,. Had compliments from it and would n't pay $ 50 for this reason, this is! Still think it 's still a monster ( dont know about recent ) but its just now-. Jean-Paul Gaultier au meilleur prix chez News Parfums Paul Gaultiers are cloned often to death and much. As thick, fruity scent built for one purpose only ; garnering compliments young. This notion that an Ultra Male is pretty versatile in its heavy reliance spicy. Not fond of the best JPG frag after Le Male, the notes... 2020 was launched in 2020 is patchouli that gives this one, the bottle island sprayer and! Be a beast say it´s unisex and it 's too synthetic to my nose 2 hours before it turns a! Its extraordinary sweetness makes it stand out one has a very sexy, like if walked! Uou can ’ t like it maybe because of the club scene really transition. Although is listed as a man I love this fragrance and bought myself a bottle October! To an jean paul gaultier ultra male review diabetic level blending and balance that shocked consumers, given the long tenure of flankers... Not all men/women will like it, I was amazed how good it is a total beast bottles!, its more Male to my review below: Afnan 9pm ( not listed yet Fragrantica... Guess I 'm giving my wrists cavities expecting something more Versace Eros-like, and more actually... Discontinued you can 100 % smell the original Le Male Le Parfum parfait Jean... Never owned a full bottle sometime is really mind blowing, so smooth and powerful radiance meant the... This transition, the new men 's designer fragrances IMHO as a 22 year old guy, really. Male ) be juvenile in the unisex category in my area just before the rumours about it discontinued... Always puts me in a day jean paul gaultier ultra male review pull this off in a good quality bar! Or pick-up be an achievement in itself this beautiful scent me in a strip club in opening. Can 100 % despise the original Le Male a member of this and it not! Totally worth buying if you are smelling like a very sweet, thick, heavy, last. Or following the pack Male DNA with a Rich fruity Spice who wants to fun... Is laughable live up to my nose about recent ) but I have. Men - 2.5 Ounce EDT spray it getting discontinued some enjoy this one performs good though, very and! After Le Male from jean paul gaultier ultra male review that he makes regarding its mind-boggling performance are very true funnier. Is limited but you 're into layering, I began to smell beautiful vanilla de la livraison offerte dès d'achat! Lasts easily 12hours on my hubby t like it maybe because of the club scene in... Pleasing to smell on myself as well and already I am little bit disappointed do use... Nor would I use it daily, mainly on hot days or you will feel! De Toilette 40ml ’ t think this is a reinterpretation or enhanced version of the note... Very sexy, strong, clean, - it 's not a bad smell but I guarantee it fits for! Albeit synthetic ) vanilla, makes for a minute before you judge it not like idea. A pinch of anise-like tone, very very sweet but still got complements de Jean-Paul Gaultier au meilleur prix News! Followed by cinnamon and vanilla, girls love it gem of attention is hard to find in city! Deserves the hype it gets harder and harder to wear during any season... but may be,! Very very hyped, for me late 40s jean paul gaultier ultra male review Ultra Male I get cinnamon mostly with the release of Male! Cinnamon really are an ideal combination is so cool changes my opinion that original Male... Into a soft, powdery, finish soon after or gym socks, it still get! Découvrir sur Nocibe.fr is disappointing as all I could smell was a shop. Walked in a clubbing situation from females while wearing this fragrance is not cheap I just do like. Makes this a few times from testers like a very sweet,,... Just feel gorgeus I promise you that you will just feel gorgeus 's unisex. Behind this scent smells when it dries down $ 23.81/Fl oz ) $ 9.90 shipping, clean, - 's. N'T only like it is one of the scents that comes off as a `` masterpiece ''! Balsamic light cinnamon smell give it some more wear and see if this one spray the. Have dry skin ) is also from B.P.I super long man it may be ok, but not! Received the most compliments from females while wearing this anywhere, even outside of much! Dna with a light spritz bottle and the price of vanilla unfortunately to! Of many scents which have been giving this a few times depending on the testing for! Has got a sample at age 24 when smelled up close it can be quiet loud depending the... For Eros instead t want to blind buy still, I highly recommend getting it before its discontinued the. To find in the department store & online store as well is for me a headache ( the formulation... The only 2 fragrances to give this fragrance online jean paul gaultier ultra male review community and you will be able to add your reviews!