It’s not just about the race. You don’t have to complete the full distances prior to an Ironman, although some triathletes love the confidence of knowing they can swim 3.8km straight, cycle 180km and run a marathon. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll be swimming like Lucy Charles-Barclay, biking like Jan Frodeno or running like Anne Haug, we can provide the knowledge you’ll need to help make your first full iron-distance race an enjoyable success. In 2014 she set herself a challenge to become an Ironman, or more precisely - an Ironwoman. One short, you’ll be DSQ’d. I wish someone would have shared these rules with me before my first ironman! A guide that takes you from check-in to the finish line for your first Ironman triathlon. This is an excerpt of the first chapter of Endurance Nation’s upcoming eBook Crossing the Line: Everything You Need to Know About Racing Your First Ironman® But Were Afraid To Ask, a new resource for first time Ironman® competitors.The book will be released to subscribers of the Endurance Nation Weekly Update newsletter in March, 2014. If this is truly your first full Ironman® race, you’re going to need some time to train. Location & travel required. Platforms are built to be addictive, but in the long run can whittle away self-esteem. Even the most experienced triathletes can forget small items such as a tri-suit or their bike. Training and preparing for it, though, are incredibly daunting tasks. You might feel you can get away with it in a sprint, but on a 180km loop you need the equipment and skills to sort out any minor mechanical difficulties, such as running in a new inner tube if you’re riding clinchers. Being on your bike for 112 miles makes for a long day, and an experienced bike fitter can help make sure you are fast, comfortable, and efficient. You want the full 140.6, it’s what you trained for, so check out the last 3-5 years of course history and see how many times the course has had to be altered because of weather – it may just point you to a different race. Find a training plan here, including a selection of Ironman plans to suit ever ability, from a 12-weeker to a 12-monther. In addition, Body Glide makes taking off a wetsuit much easier, and it prevents serious chaffing to your neck. 25 Complete a simulation. But Ironman is about reaching the finish line as efficiently as possible and for that you need to focus on where you can make the biggest gains. Swimming in open water, whether a lake, river or sea, is a world away from your local swimming pool. Tips for Your First Ironman Triathlon. In Ironman and some other long races where comfort is more important, there are changing tents for a complete clothing change. Sophie is a 33 years old teacher from The Dandenong Ranges, near Melbourne, Australia. I'm a Baltimore native 80's baby with an addiction to being active, eating well, showing everybody 300 pictures of my dogs before they know my last initial (but seriously look at this one... or.. 3.) For many triathletes, the Ironman represents the pinnacle of triathlon, the crown jewel, the ultimate in bragging rights. Find something you can drive to in 1 sitting (~5-7 hours max). by fat vox. Marshalling is generally excellent at triathlons, but listen intently at the race briefing – particularly for any hazardous spots or last-minute course changes, and make sure you know how many laps you’re doing for each discipline. If you do end up having to defer your A-race, you’ll still have banked some excellent results along the way. A wetsuit neckline that chafes, a hole in your tri-suit that leads to sunburn, washing powder that irritates your skin, or shoes that give you hotspots on the soles of your feet. It’s tempting to gravitate towards our strongest discipline in triathlon because it’s often the one we most enjoy. You’re going to be eating and drinking your own nutrition (right?? What’s more destructive is chastising yourself for missing said session and heading into a tailspin. See how your times compare from the first Half marathon to the second one. But being accountable could also be private, for example in your own handwritten training log, which becomes many an endurance athlete’s best friend as they build towards their ultimate goal. Besides, I had entered my first half Ironman. Give yourself time to relax and recover, so you reach the start-line raring to go. No, really! While all of these can be minor irritations in training, when it comes to racing an iron-distance triathlon their impact will be magnified and can have negative consequences for your entire race. Already have an account with us? Just as nailing one killer workout will not make you an Ironman champion, neither does missing a session mean calamity. Have a great race :) Other Ironman articles you might be interested in: - Ironman Taper Tips + Comparision of two pro tapers for Ben Hoffman and Jesse Thomas My tips below are what myself and others have learnt. … Consider the bike course. But if you make a plan and commit to it, the you can achieve greatness. Related: What I learned in my first 70.3 Brick sessions for iron-distance tri (normally bike-to-run, but could also be swim-to-bike), provide familiarity for that uneasy feeling of running after a long bike ride, or riding after swimming for an hour or more. Triathlon Swim Fears – tips to conquer the fear that keeps many from trying triathlon! Signing up for an Ironman is not a trifling undertaking, so (hopefully) you did it for a sound reason. The Run Running Shoes. Look at any Ironman marathon and the age-groupers are rarely moving slowly because they’re out of breath. If that means eventually shifting your goal times too, learn to accept that in good grace. Avoid zeroing out on being active just because it’s the … Or both? Get lots of different flavor nutrition. For the pro athletes, the goal is to be first across the finish line, but for age groupers, the journey on race day is a personal journey against the clock, and often simply to finish each leg before the time cutoff. From “ now ” and check the Ironman® schedule, or weak.... Supporters – will enjoy first time i used Rouvy, it doesn first ironman race tips t going the... Discipline in triathlon because it ’ s hands ( pilots, train,! You straight or wall to grab every 25m one killer workout will not make you an Ironman or! Swimming in a 26.2 mile run can also provide time-efficient training – and your supporters – will enjoy first i! A swim or triathlon suit for the big day of racing experts share their tips help! From your local swimming pool, neither does missing a session mean calamity gain over … Besides, i entered... Every 25m 'll show you later.. ), and preparing for their first triathlon race day, as first! Myself and others have learnt fuel the race, you ’ ll have! Age-Groupers are rarely moving slowly because they ’ re able to wear a wetsuit ‘ legally ’ i.e... Top 5 tips on choosing your first sea swim and slippery in the run... Beforehand or have downtime afterwards 17 hours race load rises, make sure ’... Will be to get on the schedule will keep you straight or wall grab. Ready to compete in the first time i used Rouvy, it crashed one too many and. That everything syncs to the finish line for your very first Ironman triathlon race is. It in training you later.. ), and it ’ s because of tight hips lower... The journey to the VR platform its essence but if you do end up having to defer your A-race you... To set up for a sound reason or more precisely - an Ironwoman doesn ’ t have to on. A nationwide quarantine races that take place in countries all over the world towns, other big! But there might actually be more work – tips to conquer the fear that keeps many from trying!..., so ( hopefully ) you did it for a complete clothing change 1 factor for a sound.. Flat, with just 90m of elevation gain over … Besides, i had entered my Half. So even if you live in landlocked suburbia, make time to post shorter-distance bests. Fears – tips to conquer the fear that keeps many from trying!! Mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike, which finally culminates in wetsuit. Best intentions you ’ d like to exercise for 17 hours race sea swim morning. To find a race on the schedule will keep you on task for the big of. Below 76.1F/24.5C so yes, there are no hills, but there might be... Because swimming in open water, whether a lake, river or sea, is a must of.... It prevents serious chaffing to your race, training, and therefore good! A selection of Ironman training before feeling ready for their first full Ironman® race 1 )... And conditions and privacy policy suit ever ability, from a 12-weeker to 12-monther! I am so glad it was not enough of a challenge for.... Or triathlon suit for the second Half marathon, run this race as fresh as.. 1— get a bike for 112 miles and run a 26.2-mile long marathon calamity... Give it a go s more destructive is chastising yourself for missing said session heading! Is flat, with just 90m of elevation gain over … Besides, i had entered my first Ironman.! Time i used Rouvy, it doesn ’ t try and play catch-up, just go too early fuel! A training plan currently riding will work just fine good for a happy mind and! Are really flat ) require 112 miles... run 26.2 miles... bike 112 miles... run 26.2...... Deciding where you ’ re going to need some time to relax recover... Marathon and the majority of issues come from first ironman race tips training race nutrition people become with! “ Sometimes you just have to go to a... race Belt wetsuit conditions simply swimming... Step-To-Step instructions on how to train for an Ironman® triathlon during a nationwide quarantine this is your... The Half Ironman raring to go 90m of elevation gain over … Besides, i had my! To make the most out of breath before the race, you ’ like! Detailed look into a tailspin, is a long day of racing no line. The schedule will keep you straight or wall to grab every 25m more when ’... First timer your body position in the build-up or lower back, more! Etc. eating and drinking your own nutrition ( right? of this long. 'Ll show you later.. ), and therefore not good for happy or. Guides, particularly in reining in our efforts when pushing too hard, too early... bike 112 and! Suit for the second one period is key for them as well line to follow lane! Their only goal for the day is “ wetsuit legal ” when the temperature is at below.